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DREAMS + HARD WORK + DEDICATION = SUCCESS . . . Presenting to you all – The 4th edition of JCD Memoirs…. This is a life changing, classical “Rags to Riches” story of Dr. Amarjeet Kumar (BDS – Dental Surgeon) – A Distinguished Alumini of JCD DENTAL COLLEGE, SIRSA. He hails from a very small place जहानाबाद, बिहार and belongs to a small farmer family. अमरजीत ने 2008 में +2 pass करने के बाद अपने गांव में एक छोटा path lab खोला – He used to collect blood and urine samples, travel to Patna, get the tests done and then in the evening would give away the reports for a small commission of 10-20 rupees. He joined JCD Dental College in the year 2011 and since then he has come a long way. He was a sincere student and what stood out was his eagerness to learn. He would never go home during holidays to avoid spending money. Instead, he would work in the emergency opd or in the evening opd and hone his skills. After 3rd year, जब उसने थोड़ा काम सीख लिया, he started working in local clinics for pocket money. My only role was to support him and guide him on his journey. To tell the truth, he had so much fire in his belly, he did not need much of it. Currently he is successfully running two dental practices in Jehanabad, Bihar. Recently, he has started a new start-up venture for Online Consultancy and Drug delivery – Medipriya. It gives me immense pride and a feeling of satisfaction that I could be a part of his journey. Let’s see how JCD transformed his life…. Dr. Arindam Sarkar Principal, JCD Dental College, Sirsa.

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